Self Destructible

Humans is very gullible

Believing everything that they told, even the doubt-able

Scrutinize your beliefs

You’ve been modeled to follow patterns.. they choose the life that you live

Not thinking for yourself

Dependent on thought processes fused into your cells

Am bringing knowledge to ma people

Ignorance is a vice, deadlier than #Atiku

It cut your rice(rise)… a sickle

You minimized and Feeble

You base your fate on the teachings of evil-minded creatures

The world was flat, a Fact

Now there’s empirical proof, the world’s spherical too

Believe what you could

Jesus is white and Jew

The first original man, black emerged from baboons

Can you marry the two, after you study the books?

Does it matter to you, you should uncover the truth?

I left ma soul on these lines

Trying to escape the confines of this limited defines

I must have missed out ma kind

How come its me alone who’s thinking that we acting a script

Slowly the night seem to creep

With only light on the areas where they want you to see

Civilized isnt greek but utilizing your gift

The liberation of minds and of the spirit within!



Every step of the way, ma feet leave prints in the rocks

The hail and storm, the winds and rains they come

In the night the moon, the sun that scorch by Noon

The rage of Nature, nothing can stop ma invasion

Am a product of Covenant, I was made in the #Blood

The greenery sprout from water that drops from ma pores

I Live for the toil, answer the call for the Cause

The start is the top, the stats for the figure’s begun

For meager am mum, am bigger than planet Sun

Am the silencer, the kill that is silently done

Unquenchable thirst, am the blessing to curse

Am the reference to best, puzzles resolve at #Lupa’s behest

The #Cifer unfolds

Type in the codes, the key is.. the trial’s a cove

Push and shove, see for yourself than be told

I murdered it cold-blooded, something like toads

Bare-fisted, no gloves

I strangle ma fears till it choke

Then I feast on its bones, straddle the beast and I rode

Hankering fuels me, ambition is coal

Am the fulfillment of all the prophecies prophets had wrote!


Am still doing me, i hope you doing yourself too?
Square pegs in square holes, round ones go in a circle
I fit in where i belong
Am the Hair(Heir) you dread like a tong
Power lies in the tongue
But Fire burn in ma tongue
Ignite the words on the song
Every week(weak), am coming out strong!
For every dusk, there’s a Dawn
For the Love of ‪#‎Bars‬ am a Con
Are you feeling this like its temperature?
Am the path of light, am an Aperture
Am the ‪#‎Great‬ that is yet to come and the poem is a Harbinger
You can foot all of the heels(hills), If your sole(soul) is really in it
Dont snooze the alarm beeps but be moved by your heart beats
I got three goals like a hat-trick
To see God is number one, everyday God is on ma streets
I can lie but then that’s sheet(shit)
I’d rather stand and then damn sleep
Watch dreams become reality
I grin at the disparity, ‘tween start and then eternity
Merely thinking the distance weigh you down
But its a vista when you crowned
Toast the drinks… Another round!


This poem is Pasta
Breakfast, get Passa
Cats alert for sick rats with lassa
The streets pap(pop), it rains down with masa
That rice-cake is tasty, dont be hasty
The right grind at the right time and you lace it
Like raisins the dates sweet.. its amazing!
Ease emerge from tough and low rise to top
Small minds lack clout but you your limit no doubt
Its what this rhythm about ‘cus if you living a bout
Debating quitting’s a villain
Are you willing to kill it
When fear come in to torment
You can reference this sonnet
That’s how you even'(even) the scores before your morning(mourning) is over
Over! Nova.. You can be that star that hover
Explode, light the world send dark under-cover
History books!
Only talk of those who refuse.. to be shoo-ed
Why i need a muse when am Zeus!
god-like, Thor might and its alright
To feel fright.. but dont let it hold you down
The war is on even though the battle is done
Unto the next one till there aint left one!


There’s a path that you follow
And not back-down from eternal
Sweating while seeking for meaning
The relevance to your existence
Do you believe in a God?
Are you living His Love?
Are you obliged by religion to abide by the laws?
And in the process you feel that you’ve lost what lies at your core
When pushed to your extreme, what can you embrace or abhor
A state of static dynamics
Is the bane of humanity
Where priorities change
With new leanings towards issues with a personal tinge
Ma magnum Opus is every work which to a person it appeals
I cant right all the wrongs but i can prevent other ones
Thats the religion i stomach and thats the doctrine i ingest
As confused as i get
I always go for reset
To restore ma factory settings to when i was created at first
Tabula rasa, clean slates we crave
After the dirt is played, Something siniter invades
Thats when the cycle begins
The search for a Super-Natural being
Through a medium or media
Your peace is interior, Find it live with it Phillia!


Revolutionary State of Mind, ‪#‎Lupa‬ Vying
To revamp Herbert Macaulay in his prime
Who’s at the shrine these days the Abami eda relocated?
Who’s educating.. the supposed leaders of our ‘morrow
Can i borrow?
The wordings of one of the greatest
The revolution is not an apple that falls wen its ripe
You have to take or maybe make it fall with a knife
Patriot (art).. To fight for our rights
Politricks and terrorism are a poisonous bite
Religion is the tool they use to split the youth
If You read your books, you should defuse, the tension built
Jesus and Mohammed are evidently saying the same things
Its these crook-imposters and self-appointed spokesmen
Who defraud men and lure them to the devil’s residence and rob them
Of every humanity in their soul
Its a sore thats painful to bust
I was borne for this cause, if you was too
Then we seem to race against the clock, so we not doomed
I feel like Francisco Madero anoda Amador Salazar
On this regular beat, i can see the path is a hazard
They aim shots at your head cus truth aint to be heard
Its rather veiled, we fail to see the vale from which we hail
Am emerging
I see you imagine too
And you can have it
Revolution! Branded new!


Poetic prophesy, arrives the apocalypse

Repulsion of opposites, the attraction of like-poles

A new wave of evil with these newest US laws

I speak ‘cus ma mind boils, ma mind toils

And churns over facts ‘bout this scheme we ought foil

Its not for moral justification we fight

This shit stands against everytin that’s progressive to life

Night falls, when the reproductive cycle is cut

When personal lust is put over this God given trust

Of procreation, the creation of a viable Race!

The lies we embrace and call liberty statutes

Creates the emptiness the world thus face

It’s a colossal waste

Pairing up women, then pairing up men

Its nothing short of a mockery of the natural trend

How do you intend, to circumvent basic biology principles?

The basic unit of social organization is ridiculed

To the very detriment of human existence

For instance, if two men adopt a child

Who backs the child, breast-feeds the child

And nurse the child to create that affectionate bond?

That natural form that takes shape when a baby is born

Race is de-formed, light is the tongue

That professes evil upon, a people in bondage

I can feel the sizzling damage

Its equal to carnage, the act of doctoring marriage

For the government to manage! – #Lupa


Dog eat Dog, in this relationship where we ‪#‎Denominators‬
Our political ship has been wrecked on the shore
Oil and bLoOd they seem to sip in the floor
To break bread with the gods, am learning baking the flour
But that crabs-in-a-barrow attitude in ma Kin
Wont let another one fellow make it up to the brim
But since man aint God, and God’s callin the shots
Severing man-made bonds so i can carry ma cross
Not everybody you fight is your enemy
Not everybody that helps you is a friend indeed
A mike tyson qoute and mike tyson broke
But mike tyson dope when mike tyson fought
So truth dont choose where truth come out from
And you can chew on that crumb while i prepare the course

Food for thought, this school is tough

If you know your stuff, you shoudnt be stopped

So shoo out ma door, depression and self-doubt

Imposed by governments seeking to enslave us

The power’s with me, only fear’s within

So i leash this fright and set ma soul on flight. – #Lupa